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Graduate Assistants

Specializations: Public perceptions and behaviors toward energy development; social psychology and pro-environmental behavior; application and development of "sense of place" theory.
Catherine Doyle-Capitman
Specializations: Examining the process of collaborative conservation at varying spatial levels, and the mechanism by which local communities can be integrated into the process of collaborative conservation.

James Goetz

Graduate Student
Specializations: Political ecology of natural resource and protected area management. Social and environmental outcomes of payments for ecosystem services. Participative, adaptive conservation planning and management.
Darragh Hare
Specializations: Natural resource policy and governance; public trust doctrine; environmental ethics; interdisciplinary.
Ted Lawrence
Specializations: International development and natural resource conservation in Latin America, specifically Yucatan, Mexico; Coupled human and natural systems; Common-pool resource regimes; Landscape ecology and eco-agriculture.
Specializations: The application of sense of place theory to predict pro-environmental behaviors; social psychology.
Carrie Simon
Specializations: Human dimensions of ecosystem-based management; institutional theory; adoption of environmental management plans.