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Affiliated Faculty


Paul Curtis

Department Extension Leader
Specializations: Resolving conflicts between people and wildlife; citizen participation in decision making; outreach and policy education.
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Marianne Krasny

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies; Director, Civic Ecology Lab; Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
Specializations: Environmental and climate education; grassroots environmental stewardship (civic ecology); strategies for scaling up of individual climate actions and stewardship behaviors; online and engaged learning.
Heidi Kretser

Heidi Kretser

Assistant Adjunct Professor
Specializations: Land-use development and patterns; how human activities in rural landscapes influence wildlife and human-wildlife conflicts; how communities, groups of actors in a conservation issue, or a single organization move from process and discussion of an issue to on-the-ground conservation impacts.
Katherine McComas

Katherine McComas

Professor and Chair, Department of Communication
Specializations: Risk, science, and environmental communication; community involvement and public participation; trust and credibility related to science communication.

Jeff Niederdeppe

Associate Professor, Department of Communications
Specializations: Health and environmental communication; public communication campaigns; public opinion and social policy.
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Krysten Schuler

Assistant Research Professor, Department of Public & Ecosystem Health and Co-Director of the Cornell Wildlife Health Lab
Specializations: wildlife disease ecology, population ecology, regional wildlife health research, risk communication, applied tools, policy support, New York State Wildlife Health Program.

Keith Tidball

Senior Extension Associate; Assistant Director, Cornell Cooperative Extension (Environment & Natural Resources)
Specializations: Anthropology of social-ecological systems; therapeutic attributes of nature and outdoor recreation among returning combatants and survivors of traumatic events; food motivations in hunter and angler recruitment, retention, and reactivation; citizen science in angling and hunting communities of practice.